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Ever since the creation of Content Management Systems, it has overtaken Personal Home Page in becoming one of the net’s most powerful web developer tools. Many developers are switching to Open Source CMS to build websites, which can be built faster and easier.

With thousands of CMS’s available on the web, finding the perfect one has become somewhat of an ordeal.  


As you might have guessed, Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that manages the content of your website – it helps to create, edit and store HTML contents easily without going through a web developer. This means that anyone, even those without any HTML or Coding skills, can easily learn how to update their website contents.


Creating and editing contents become a simple and easy task

A good CMS is one that will allow you to focus on the frontend design, instead of implementing extensions or functionality.

Improve efficiency

Many businesses started off using template-based systems or basic tools to maintain their sites. It is usually manageable when your websites have little contents and have lesser pages. As your content and pages grow, you may find it more challenging to maintain the site as new layouts and arrangements have to be created to accommodate the new contents. With that, your organisation will require a Department of writers and web developer to create contents and implement the changes respectively. This process becomes inefficient and costly.

CMS allows you to gain full control without the help of Web developers. No more relying on web developers to make changes. You don’t have to know HTML or any codes to change your content. Now you have full control of your content. With that being said, you are able to add or edit content whenever you want without adhering to the developer’s work schedule. And in Business, time is the key.

Keep workflow organised

Many CMS allows you to set up approval step processes, workflows to ensure that contents will only appear unless they have been approved by the required authorities.

Ensure consistency

CMS is able to ensure visual consistency across all pages of the site. By inserting style rules, you can make sure that all font types and colours remain consistent, no matter how many people are managing the site. This helps to keep the site looking professional and maintain your brand’s identity.

Saves Money

In terms of functionality, CMS is comparable to PHP.  However, in terms of cost wise, CMS is way cheaper.

Have access anywhere

Since most CMS Softwares are web based, this means that you are able to access and edit contents from our site as long as you have an internet connection.

What we recommend

There are many Open source CMS available on the web today. We do recommend using CMS that are PHP-based and using MYSQL database.


Its features include:

  • Electronic commerce

  • Blogs

  • Collaborative authoring environments

  • Forums

  • File uploads and downloads

  • Peer-to-peer networking

  • E-Newsletters

  • Podcast

  • Photo galleries


Probably the most popular CMS today. With over a thousand users, this software is definitely well supported.

WordPress provides the following features:

  • Full standard compliance

  • WordPress Pages

  • WordPress Links

  • WordPress Themes

  • Cross-blog communication tools

  • Allows comments

  • Spam protection

  • Full user registration

  • Privacy Protected Posts

  • User-friendly installation and upgrades

  • User-friendly Importing

  • XML-RPC interface

  • Structured Workflow

  • Typographical niceties

  • Intelligent text formatting

  • Multiple authors

  • Bookmarklets

What can we do for you?

We will work closely with you to determine your CMS Strategy. This includes:

  • Implementation of CMS

  • Migration of existing site to CMS

  • Integrate website with social network platforms

  • Creation of landing page


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