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How loud is your brand?

They say a photo is worth a thousand words – If social media like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are of any indication, this adage is more relevant than ever as pictures and videos continuously generate high engagement rates across all social media platforms compared to text only apps like Twitter* (* the impact is so significant that their new update include photos and videos content posting).

In our current society where people make first impression based on everything visual, image content is king. Post that carries images generates 650% higher engagement rate compared to post that only has texts. Images are used to help consumers process and internalised information effectively.

So how well does your photos speak of your brand?


Why Choose TRV?

TRV Creative specialises in providing photography services for social media, internet marketing and ecommerce. Leave the team to handle all aspects of the visual content for your advertisement or social account – From brainstorming the concept development, to talent/model casting, professional styling and post-editing the images, we’ve got you covered.

Over the years, we have successfully worked with brand managers, marketers and PR teams, to ensure that every photo accentuate the campaign’s concept and story. In a nutshell, we are your storytellers – through images.

Here at TRV Creative, we recognize the change in the media landscape of how brands connect and communicate with their customers, thus we hope to be your one-stop solution provider, meeting your online and photography requirements, and helping your brand excel online.

Say Cheese

Creative Photography

More than just pretty images, we capture artistic expressions.

We keep ourselves on top of the latest trends in the photographic industry, bringing you world class imagery.

In every campaign, our creatives (photographers, designers, & production crew) work closely with each other to plan and deliver your creative shoot. Everything happens in house – We have the studio space and a team of experienced creatives that can work their magic on your requirements for Creative advertising and campaign photography alongside high-specification TV and video content.

• Campaign

• Editorial

• Location

• Studio


Product Photography


Keeping a library of resources to use across online and offline platforms requires breadth of image. The best way to deliver this is using still-life photography – It fragments the model and product to focus on the product’s detail. If you are looking for creative, eye catching and simplest form of photography, Still-life photography is the way to go.


• Fashion

• Home

• Footwear

• Beauty

• Jewellery

• Accessories

• Homeware


People Matters

Models selection

More than just pretty images, we capture artistic expressions.

With the lack of touch element in online retailing, it is important that the images be visually exciting and engaging. We specialise in developing artistic concept and retouch services including lighting, styling and providing art-direction that is relevant and displays every aspect of your product.

A few key factors comes into play that determines your ecommerce success. That is, casting a suitable model to represent your brand, having contemporary lighting for the shoots and styling according to current trends.


• Women

• Men

• Children


Style Shots

Concept & Story

Basically, we are storytellers of your brand’s story, delivering exceptional quality contents that stack up against the rest of the crowd. We are committed in offering only the best and highest quality video content for both storefront and online usage. Let our creatives work on their magic as they conceptualise the advertising campaign, and execute the entire production, bringing your advertising campaign into fruition.  


• Advertising

• Social Media






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