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Video marketing


Creating Videos are expensive but they are definitely worthy

The media landscape has changed; By 2019, 80% of all internet consumer traffic will come from videos.

52% of marketing executives worldwide vote video as content with the best ROI.

50% of internet users will search for videos related to a service or product before visiting a physical store.

That’s why we value videos. With our expertise and passion in video making, as well as a thorough understanding of your audience, we are able to excite, engage and inspire your customer to action.

A successful video is one that drives action. Our team of experienced creatives knows the way to your audience’s heart

using the right strategies and channels to reach them.



Behind every successful video production is crafting the right strategy. Whether you want to create hype or awareness, or get your audience to action, video is the most sought after tool to use because of its effectiveness and persuasiveness. However,many struggle to get it right.

Part of the issue is getting your video to stand out from the clutters of video contents available out there. To do so, your video has to be relevant to the audience that you’re targeting. And this can only be done through proper analysis and strategy. And that’s where strategy comes in place.
A viral video does not happen by chance. It requires an immense amount of resources and effort. Our specialists will ensure your goals are met, using the right methods and messages to target the right audience.

Video Marketing

Takes more than creating the video, setting the budget and buying in advertising space. It requires a concrete strategy. That is, writing down the audience your desire, the actions you want them to take, and how you will measure its success. All these steps taken to ensure that your video content is aligned with your company’s objectives.

Content Conceptualisation

With a millions of video on the web, you’ll need mind-blowing and relevant content to stay on top of the game. And how do we do that? Research and more research. We dedicate time to understand your business and customers. This provides us with a clearer understanding of the value your company is providing to the customers, and how you stand from competitors. This findings allows us to create a content plan that is relatable to the intended audience and guide them to action.

Guidelines For Video Branding

Similar to any marketing strategy, we will set rules to ensure that the video is consistently sending out the right messages about your brand.  


Campaign Strategy

Understanding your intended audience’s behavior and interaction allows us to develop campaigns that will eventually transform prospects to customers.


HOW we roll at TRV

Video creation PROCESS

Precise Objective & Measurable Success

We set clear, measurable and realistic objectives for the video to determine our outcome success and steer a clear direction for the project.

Research, Audience and Market

We take our videos very seriously. That is why we conduct thorough research about your target audience so that we have a deep understanding of what they are looking for, and translate that information into our videos.

Develop Digital Marketing Strategy

Based on the research, we create an overall message that will draw your audience’s attention and one that meets your brand’s objective.

Brainstorm Creative Story & Idea

Using their creative juices, our media team will develop an original concept video and work on the narrative.

Script & Storyboard

Following after, our team will craft the video script that will effectively tell your brand’s story and includes your brand’s essence. In addition, we’ll provide you with a storyboard for better visualisation of the video.

Films And Edits

Our amazing production crew will work their magic to bring our ideas to reality. They will be handling the filming and editing of the video.

Outcome Success

When you are satisfied with the end result, we’ll distribute the video content. Based on the objectives we had set in the earlier stage, we’ll access its success.




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