Why Social Media Advertising?


Social Media advertising has become an integral part of most marketing campaigns. In just a short period of time, internet advertising overtook newspaper advertising and is on its way to overtake TV ad spending by the end of 2016. eMarketer predicted that advertisers worldwide will spend an estimated of $23.68 billion solely on paid media to reach consumers on social networks this year.

By next year, global social network ad spending will reach $35.98 billion, which is 16% of all digital ad expenditure. This year, US and Canada are set to spend 31% of ad spending on social networks which will pass $10 billion for the first time. As for Asia-Pacific, it will total $7.40 billion (Source: eMarketer)


Have we got your attention yet?

 Enough of these statistics, now you know its importance.

So what exactly is social media advertising?

Social Media Advertising is marketing tool that helps drive website traffic or awareness of your organization through pay-per-click advertising on social network sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

The growing prevalence of social media in Asia and around the world are the reason why businesses are leveraging on these platforms to promote their products and services.

It is probably no surprise that Facebook is one of the market leader in digital advertising.

Back in may 2005, when Facebook first launched its advertising option, who would have predicted that in a short period of 10 years, social media advertising revenue would reach $8.4 billion. In fact, Facebook puts all other digital advertising avenues out of the league by capturing 35.4% of the display ad spending in America. That’s $11.93 billion in total! In comparison, coming in second place Google, only takes in $4.79 billion

But do I really need to use Social Media Advertising?

Let us first introduce you the benefits of Social Media Advertising.

Comparing to traditional forms, Social media advertising is the only marketing platform that enables consumers interactions – making it a two-way relationship between the organisation and consumers, which are hugely lucrative for brands. Because it is data driven, real-time results are easily obtainable and measurable. Based on the campaign results effectiveness, marketers can also immediately realign their campaign. Also, social media advertising enables companies to run targeted ads according to their customer’s demographics – you have the ability to control who views your ads.

So, if you are looking to create awareness of your brand, build interactions with your prospects, gaining measurable results for your campaign to monitor its effectiveness and offer relevant offers and information to specific groups, then Social Media Advertising is for you.



 TRV Creative believes in co-creating a community of loyal customers towards a brand, not discount-driven users that will easily make a switch when prices are lower on the other side.(competitors)


How do we achieve it?

Our methodology:

Study your business

Understand your buyer persona

Analyse and research on competitors

Create a  ‘social ‘ brand persona that your customers can relate

Deriving the strategy

Optimize and automate processes

Measure, Track, Test


Step 1)

Before we dive into crafting the perfect strategy , we’ll conduct a thorough study on your business and industry. That includes: understanding your products/ services,  your buyer persona, analysing your competitors (find out what works for them and their successes). We will also create tracking analytics to keep track of your competitors’ marketing campaigns – so that you can always have an edge over them.


Step 2)

The next step is to co-create your brand’s persona.

Brand persona is different from your brand’s identity. Brand identity is cultivated through visual elements such as colours, logo, font. Brand persona is more than that. It is a sum of your business’ values, personality, attitudes and strengths – human- like characteristics that makes it easy for customers to relate to.

Step 3)

Building a community

Once we’ve clearly defined your customer persona, we’ll proceed to create contents that will interest them, add value and solve their pressing problems.

Drive leads and sales

Test all possible combinations of your ads to get the reach and drive sales.

Track and optimize ads to ensure the best possible ROI.

TRV Creative specialises in advertising on various social media platforms including:

Facebook: Publish ads targeting specific audience which will be display at the side of Facebook’s platform. This is the right tool to build community within Facebook.

Create targeted ads that can be published on the side of the Facebook interface. Facebook ads are great for building a community within Facebook itself.

YouTube: Helps in promoting your video content.

LinkedIn: Looking to reach business professionals? Through LinkedIn platform, it can help you attain targeted audiences according to their job position, industry job title, function and more.


Establish you as the industry expert/leader

Work towards establishing your brand as the go-to industry expert.

Step 4)

Optimise your website, and automate sales processes that will nurture your leads in every steps of the buyer persona purchasing process.

Gone are the days where we need additional man-power to manually contact and follow up with your leads.

Let us help you automate the entire process, from gathering leads, doing follow-up, sending greetings and birthday messages, promoting new offers and even rewarding your brand evangelist.

Step 5

Measure, test, track.

One of the biggest benefits of Social Media Advertising is the ability for marketers to track their marketing efforts.

Your company is now able to keep track of every campaign, on-going promotions, website traffic, and your customer’s level of engagement.

Working closely with your team, we will set up metrics to determine the success of your campaigns.

You think I thought who confirm

We will conduct A/B testing ( also known as split testing) to test the effectiveness of every marketing content. To find out what works best in delighting your customers, and continue to improve on your campaigns.

A/B testing is a powerful tool that is often overlooked by marketers. We can set up tracking analytics for  both offline and online marketing materials so that you can better decide what works best

Social media advertising is a fun and easy process where marketers get to interact and engage with their customers. It is the biggest catalyst in getting the most power form of marketing –  “ word of mouth”. Having referrals is the ultimate aim of any company.

Throwing chunks of money on purchasing social media ads may not guarantee success. It involves time and effort to conduct in-depth research on external and internal factors to formulate the perfect strategy. All these to maximise your returns and attain your goals.

Let us co-create your social media marketing and advertising for 2017.  


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