All You Ever Need To Know About Content Marketing Strategy

All you ever need to know about Content Marketing Strategy


To start off, we first need to clearly define what content marketing strategy is all about.

Content marketing is a type of strategy that centers around generating quality contents, publishing it and distributing through effective online channels to reach your prospective audience.


Some components of content marketing strategy include: blogs, visual images, videos, social media networks and tools like ebooks, whitepaper and webinars.

Now that we have a rough understanding of content marketing, let’s go in-depth.

You may have come across articles that give you lengthy pages about content marketing, however, in this guide, we have kindly concise all into 3 simple components. And.. the best thing is, that is all the stuff you’ll ever need to know.

You’re welcome.

1. Content

It’s no brainer that the main component is about delivering content since we are on the topic of content marketing strategy. The purpose of content is to tell your prospect a story, to attract them to your brand, touch on their pressing issues and eventually, to convert them into a customer. Content can come in the form of Twitter message, Facebook posting, website landing page, blog articles or newsletter. In contrary to what many marketers are doing, the messaging should not just be all about your business but centered around your customers. At the end of the day, content marketing should help to boost your brand’s name and helps customers gain an understanding of your brand. When drafting out your content, you should ask yourself a few “whats” questions. – What type of content (image, videos, slides, news articles?) -What’s the goal of this content -What message are you trying to convey -What can the brand get out of this content? The most tricky part of all is coming up with contents that are unique, creative and original. That’s where your creative hats come in!


2. Platform

The next component is Platform – The channel in which your content is being distributed. For example, should you distribute it on a blog page? Forums? Social network sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Placing your content in the right platform is crucial in obtaining the reach you want. Getting thousands of likes and views does not mean anything if they are not planning on converting into customers.( That’s why we do not buy “Likes” and “Followers”, but we will save that topic for another time). Afterall, there might be opportunity cost – time, even if creating the content does not require you to fork out any money. Thus, to have effective content marketing, you will need to find the right platform where your prospects are, and deliver the content there.



3. Distribution

One of the greatest common mistake that marketers and copywriters do, is to assume their job is done after publishing the content the online. Unfortunately, the magic does not automatically happen for you. With millions of contents posted online daily, there are many competition clamoring to be heard. What does that mean for you then? Create a distribution architecture framework. Make sure the framework is able to answer the following questions: How do I reach my prospects? How do I convert them into customers? How do I bridge the gap between user and brand? It is important to combine these 3 components in your strategy. Let’s proceed to discuss the negative effects of missing out any of the components.


Content + Distribution

Forsaking platform can kill your content, no matter how good it is.
Imagine a girl all dressed up for a date, thinking that the guy is taking her to a posh dining place, turns out the guy took her for a hiking trip instead. No matter how pretty or dazzling she is, she would probably feel terrible as her dressing attire did not match the context.

Using this example, it tells of how content needs to be distribution in the right context – using the right platform. It is useless having impressive content and a good distribution framework, if you publish it on the wrong platform.
One example would be writing a lengthy article to be posted twitter. Besides the point that twitter has a 140 word count limit, there is an unspoken twitter etiquette that post should be kept short and sweet.

Content + Platform

As I mentioned earlier, publishing a great content is half the work done. If you continue publishing content after content, it does not guarantee that your blog will grow as quickly as you want it should be. And if you do not have any audience base, you might not even grow at all. There is no point in generating content for an audience of zero. Here are some promotional techniques to boost your distribution:

  1. Be the solution provider
    Track conversations revolving around your topic, participate in that conversation and post the link to your blog or website, if you feel your content is useful for them. This way, it brings your brand out there. Who else has a proven track record of tracking the web other than Google? Google Alerts is a useful tool to get notifications about conversations relating to your topics on the web since topics like these takes place in an on-going basis.

2. Don’t be afraid to send out emails
By mentioning someone or pasting a link to your content, it can generate traffic to them as well as increase their search engine rankings. This method might be common sense to site owners but more often, nobody monitors their content mentions frequently. Hence, they might never know that you’ve mentioned them in your blog. Sending an email saying how much you liked their work and even link it to your content might spur them to return the offer. You could subtly mentioned the article you had just worked on and asked if they would be willing to share your article to their followers.

3. Post on forums
This strategy would need some time to execute as you need to become an active member before being allowed to post a link to your site. In general, you’ll need at least 50 posts in the forum or else your account will be banned. This is probably a protocol to prevent advertising spamming and to maintain highly quality content discussion as the forum users are there to learn and discuss.

Forums is a great tool to bring in high quality traffic to your site. These people are probably enthusiastic about the niche subject to even create an account and login to check out and contribute to the topic. Once you have build up your reputation on the forum, it will be easy to get people to head over to your site

Create a standard template before and after every post you reply to. It can be along the lines of “I originally published this information on xx/xx/xxxx, but I thought it would be useful to provide a quick summary for you guys. If you are interested to learn more, you could head over to : *paste link*.

Keep it genuine, no hard selling here.

Platform + Distribution

Creating quality content is an absolute no-brainer. These are the face of your brand – it leaves a lasting effect of how others view your brand. By undermining content creation, you are risking your brand’s image.

Think about the top instagrammers. How did they get such a mass number of followings? (If they started out as ordinary people like you and I, not including celebrities) It is because they can produce high quality pictures and each convey a story about themselves.

And that is how you attract people to your site – by producing outstanding quality contents.

I hope you’ll understand the importance of Content + Platform + Distribution. They co-exist together to form a successful content marketing campaign.


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